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Managing Substance Use Disorder- Practitioner Guide 3rd Ed.

Managing Substance Use Disorder- Practitioner Guide 3rd Ed.


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This manual provides empirically-based strategies for addressing and stopping substance use, and for changing daily lifestyle and behaviors that contribute to continued use.  Practitioners in medical, psychiatric, addiction, and social services settings will find comprehensive information on current trends in substance use, DSM-5 substance-related disorders and causes and effects of these disorders.  This manualized guide provides descriptions of screening and assessment strategies, and treatment approaches (medications and psychosocial), integrating evidenced-based interventions with the authors' extensive clinical experiences.  Mutual support programs and the impact on the family and concerned significant other are also discussed along with the common challenges of recovery such as managing cravings, resisting social pressures, coping with negative emotions and moods, building a social support network, involve the family, and reducing relapse risk.  This expanded third edition includes a new chapter on managing co-occurring psychiatric disorders. 


This book is designed to accompany Managing Your Substance Use Disorder: Client Workbook.

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