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About the Publications

We Offer materials on treatment and recovery from substance use, psychiatric and co-occurring disorders for individuals, families and professionals. Materials include books and treatment manuals, interactive recovery workbook and journals.

Dr. Daley infuses his materials with his understanding of struggles facing the addicted, their loved ones and those treating them. Whether it is for someone taking their first step, or simply trying again after a relapse, Dr. Daley hopes his knowledge and experience and this website will be more than resource, but a source of hope in a journey to recovery and personal growth. 

Recovery Journals

These interactive journals engage the reader in reflecting on recovery on a regular basis. Coping strategies are included to help the individual manage the challenges of recovery. 

Family Guides

These materials help families or children understand substance use, psychiatric or co-occurring disorders.  They also promote recovery and focus on the need for families to help themselves.

Recovery from Psychiatric or
Co-Occurring Disorders

These materials provide information on mental health problems and include books and interactive workbooks.  While some focus on mental health problems such as mood disorders, most can be used with any type of psychiatric illness.  Several focus specific on the combination of a substance use disorder and a mental health problem.

Recovery from Substance Use Disorders and Addiction

These materials are used in treatment programs in the U.S. and other countries to help clients learn information and coping skills to aid recovery and reduce relapse risk. Some materials relate to a specific addiction (alcohol, cocaine, opioids), but most can be used with any type of substance addiction (e.g., “Relapse Prevention Workbook,” "Managing Emotions Workbook," and "Using 12 Step Programs in Recovery").


All materials are informative, practical, hopeful, user-friendly and affordable.  They help the reader relate to the information presented.  Surveys from 300+ clients show high rates of satisfaction with information and coping strategies learned from these materials. 

Books for Professionals

These books provide information to help clinicians in their daily work with clients with addiction or co-occurring disorders.  All books contain bibliographies and lists of resources.  Several of these books were co-authored by psychiatrists and other mental health professionals.  Client workbooks are also available to accompany several of these treatment books.

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