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Co-Occurring Disorders Recovery Workbook

Co-Occurring Disorders Recovery Workbook


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Co-Occurring Disorders Recovery Workbook Strategies to Manage Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders, 4th ed

This comprehensive guide is for clients engaged in a program for co-occurring disorders.  Section 1 provides an overview of co-occurring disorders and treatment.  Section 2 reviews drug and alcohol use, setting goals, effects of alcohol and drugs and the co-occurring disorders, motivation to change and advantages of recovery.  Section 3 reviews denial, recovery roadblocks, the recovery process and how to manage cravings.  Section 4 addresses emotional issues in recovery such as managing anger, anxiety, depression and boredom.  Section 5 reviews relationships and support systems, addressing family issues, resisting social pressures to use, how to develop a support system and recovery clubs and mutual support programs.  Section 6 focuses on changing the self and spirituality.  Section 7 reviews strategies for lifestyle change such as using a daily plan for recovery, setting long-term goals, and financial recovery.  Section 8 reviews how to reduce relapse risk. A companion manual for clinicians is available that provides a structured curriculum for recovery groups (Dual Disorders Recovery Counseling). 

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