Assistance During This Stressful Time

The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to make considerable changes in our daily lives, and limit our contact with others outside of our homes. As a result, individuals with substance use disorders and family members in recovery do not have the same access to in person mutual support programs or counseling sessions. To help support individuals and families in their recovery, Drs. Dennis C. Daley and Antoine Douaihy are making the following materials available at no cost in e-files that can be downloaded via computer smartphone or tablet. These interactive recovery guides can be completed on the computer virtually or they can printed as a hard copy. 
All of these materials provide information about substance use disorders and recovery, and offer user-friendly, interactive exercises to help you personalize the information presented. Drs. Daley and Douaihy believe these materials can help you increase your knowledge, but also learn practical coping skills to continue your recovery. They recommend you use these materials with a counselor or a sponsor or other peer in recovery. However, some people may wish to use these materials on their own. While most of these guides focus on substance use disorders. Drs. Daley and Douaihy included guides on Anxiety and Depression since these emotions (or anxiety or depressive disorders) affect so many people. 

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